Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The CIA's Real Seditious Leak

The American Spectator exposes on the CIA Disinformation Campaign against the White House. Hat tip to Dan Riehl. TAS also goes after the CIA's Sedious Leak of "Black Sites."

CIA's Hatchet Job on VP Cheney

Interesting posts from some bloggers below and my points...

The Big Loser in the Libby Affair from Instapundit.

How covert was Plame? from Justoneminute.

Who is minding the CIA? from RiehlWorldView.

My own take is that I agree with the assessment that the Libby trial may actually vindicate the Bush administration to some degree because it may reveal a conspiracy in the CIA to discredit the president's foreign policy. It will be interesting to see if the media picks up on how diabolical and politicized this conspiracy was.

Ambassador Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame, were very much a part of this conspiracy. His wife, who worked in the Operations Directorate, actually got the CIA to employ him to go on this trip to Niger and permitted him to go public in the media with what he reported. If his wife was so covert, why would they allow him to do that? Going public risked exposing his wife. It is extremely unusual for that agency, and particularly that Directorate, to NOT put a freelancer like Wilson under a non-disclosure agreement and prohibit him from going public. They
would have to make a conscious decision NOT to do this.

Moreover, when Wilson went public, he omitted facts that he knew to be true and lied about who sent him there. He omitted the important fact that Iraq had in June 1999 attempted to get uranium from Niger - something he himself included in his report and later in Senate
committee testimony. More nefariously, he also lied that the Vice President had personally sent him to Niger. Were they deliberating baiting Cheney? I also find it interesting that the agency picked an man who was called a "hero" by Bush "Senior" for defiance of Saddam Hussein
in the first Gulf War, as if to solidify his credentials.

Was the agency just being consistent in its incompetence or was there a carefully conceived plan in the Operations Directorate to undermine the White House? I suggest the latter. It is easy to underestand now why there were was a purge after Porter Goss took over and why the DDIR of
Operations at the time departed.

Monday, November 07, 2005

"Bush 29, Chavez 5"

IBD has an excellent editorial, titled "Bush 29, Chavez 5," on Bush's trip to South America and the effort to set up a pan-American free trade agreement. It debunks the lie in much of the main stream media that Bush's trip was a failure.

In fact, 29 of the 34 countries that attended the summit made a commitment to free trade. Only five, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela, refused to sign a commitment. The first four indicated the only obstacle is U.S. farm subsidies. The last one, Venezuela - specificaly its leader Hugo Chavez, is the only real obstructionist, and the method to his madness is ideology.

Free trade agreements take time. NAFTA, CAFTA, and the EEC were not built in a day. Nevertheless, we're likely to see more developments toward free trade in the Hong Kong WTO meeting in December. Globalization is on the move... and getting closer to global free trade.

So, Chavez has not been victorious. In fact, judging by how isolated Chavez is, it is he who is the loser.

French Leaders Fail to React to Riots

The Telegraph has led with a story that French leaders "fiddle as France burns." It is not surprising because it demonstrates the incompetence of both Chirac and de Villepin. This how they react while a 61 year old man dies, day care center and hospitals are attacked, police are shot, and thousands of cars are burned. They hesitate to send in the army, even when the Police union demands it. In the short term, Paris needs to get tougher and in the long term do a better job of assimilating and enfranchising immigrants.

France Reaps Whirlwind of Riots

CNN reports that France is burning. The riots by Arab and North African youths are spreading throughout the country. They are attacking police, churches, schools, public transportation, and more.

Reuters reported on the weekend that, according to officials, the rioters are being organized and coordinated through the Internet and mobile phone networks.

Commentators, particularly in France, on either side of political spectrum are blaming French government policies for the riots. Those on left are critical of cutbacks to social programs. Those on right are pointing to unchecked liberal immigration policies that don't address assimilation issues.

Regardless, you can seem similar problems facing other European countries in dealing with growing Muslim populations and an inability to assimilate them into European society. If similar rioting occurred in the UK, Holland, or Italy, no one should be surprised. The irony is that Paris opposed the Iraq War and Chirac has done much in recent years to engage the Muslim world. This obviously hasn't made an impression on Muslim youths in France.